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Mezzanine, Bridge Financing Becoming Key Tools in Uncertain Economy

During periods of economic uncertainty and rising interest rates, alternative financing options such as mezzanine and bridge lending have emerged as attractive solutions for businesses. These specialized forms of financing provide flexibility, expedited funding, and risk mitigation strategies that traditional lending institutions may not offer. Mezzanine Lending: A Bridge to Growth Mezzanine lending occupies a…
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Protection From Panic Starts With These Proactive Banking Strategies

The fast and furious developments related to Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”), Signature Bank, and others had depositors, employees, landlords, lawyers, accountants, and fiduciaries from nearly every sector scrambling for solutions to very real and challenging liquidity problems for their businesses and clients. Fortunately, after stepping in as receiver last Friday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation…
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SAFE Banking Tweak Would Be Huge ‘Plus’ for Financial, Cannabis Industries

As the regulated sale of cannabis increasingly becomes sanctioned under state law, federal implications arising from its classification as a controlled substance continue to frustrate those in the banking industry who view the meteoric rise of the cannabis industry as a promising opportunity (legal market sales in 2022 are expected to reach $33 billion[1]). Despite…
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