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A miniature white house with a gray roof and red trim sits on top of several 100-dollar bills, which are laid on top of several densely-worded documents

Fractional Ownership: Education is Key to Enjoying its Value

Fractionalized ownership is a method of owning and investing in real estate for those without deep pockets or the financial support of an institutional lender. Although it is an ownership structure that has been around for a long time, it has recently gained popularity and garnered attention because such owners obtain actual ownership rights in…
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See You on the Other Side: Planning Your Digital Legacy

What happens to social media accounts when an individual dies? As social media is a growing source of revenue for individuals, from influencers to public figures, and the dominant means of how people document their lives, it is critical that people understand their rights and obligations regarding their digital legacy. For example, actor Chadwick Boseman…
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a blue-tinted corridor of computers/data storage devices, with green lights in the air representing traveling pieces of data

The Litigation of Metadata: Your Devices Are Watching You

By using our smartphones, tablets, and computers, we create and exchange a vast amount of electronic data every day, but what some may not know is that there is a whole other world of information hidden beneath the surface — “metadata.”  In this article, we look into the hidden world of metadata and provide some…
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