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a blue-tinted corridor of computers/data storage devices, with green lights in the air representing traveling pieces of data

The Litigation of Metadata: Your Devices Are Watching You

By using our smartphones, tablets, and computers, we create and exchange a vast amount of electronic data every day, but what some may not know is that there is a whole other world of information hidden beneath the surface — “metadata.”  In this article, we look into the hidden world of metadata and provide some…
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Man standing in shadows against a concrete wall. He is holding a warm-toned light in one hand in front of his chest and wearing a black leather jacket with a matching hat. He is staring into the camera and his face is barely visible

The FTC is Turning the Lights On: Dark Patterns Aren’t in the Shadows Anymore

The continued growth and dominance of e-commerce have ushered in a new frontier for businesses. In response to the progressive evolution from brick-and-mortar marketplaces to the current e-commerce dominant landscape, companies redeveloped their advertising strategies to fit the digital age. As with any new evolution in commerce, this has left regulators struggling to keep pace…
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