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Converting Office Space to Housing? There Are Incentives For That

With housing availability at record lows in many communities across the U.S., including gateway cities such as New York,[1] and commercial office space still not fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic,[2] the federal government is attempting to alleviate both issues by incentivizing the conversion of former office space to residential use.[3] The Biden Administration recently…
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1031 Exchanges and the Complexities of Seller Financing

With interest rates nearly the highest they’ve been in decades, but property prices still high, sellers and buyers are looking for ways to finance real estate transactions while also availing themselves of IRC § 1031’s non-recognition of taxable gains in like-kind exchanges (“1031 Exchanges”). When considering options such as seller financing in 1031 Exchanges, both…
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The Brass Tacks: IRS Creates Process for Withdrawing ERC Claims

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) recently granted employers a means to avoid interest and penalties on inappropriately taken Employee Retention Tax Credit (“ERC”) claims.[1] This surely will come as a relief to taxpayers who are (or were) concerned that they may have mistakenly claimed ERCs for tax years 2020-2022. As we detailed in our last…
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Gun Trusts in Estate Planning: No Time To Be Quick on the Trigger

When considering an estate plan, clients who own firearms should remember that very often, their firearms require special consideration and planning, particularly given the intricacies of federal, state, and local gun laws and regulations. Gun trusts are a common mechanism for ensuring ease of ownership and inheritance of certain types of firearms and other weapons…
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How IRS Is Cracking Down on Employee Retention Tax Credit Fraud

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) has recently devoted great attention to detecting, investigating, and prosecuting fraud, particularly as it relates to the Employee Retention Tax Credit (“ERC”) post-COVID. On a webinar broadcast on July 25, 2023, hosted by the IRS’s Office of Fraud Enforcement and National Fraud Counsel, the presenters noted that ERC claims top…
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Imagine a hospital emergency room ten years from now. Sam Brown, a car crash-victim, has come in with severe, life-threatening injuries. ER admissions staff enter Sam’s information into the hospital’s artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced electronic health record (EHR) system. From this point forward, every medical device that interacts with the patient (e.g., vital signs monitors, surgical…
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