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As Wiretap Act Claims Abound, ‘Submarine’ Counterattack Launched

The proliferation of class action lawsuit and arbitration claim filings under the Federal Wiretap Act and various state wiretap statutes has recently grown beyond California, as other states are now beginning to see more significant numbers of these claims. These mass filings that began in California under the California Invasion of Privacy Act (“CIPA”) have…
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AmeriSource Decision a Difficult Pill to Swallow for Securities Plaintiffs

The opioid crisis has garnered nationwide attention for decades and has resulted in thousands of lawsuits, subjecting pharmaceutical distributors to billions of dollars in damages.  AmerisourceBergen (“Amerisource”) — one of the “big three” largest pharmaceutical distributors in the U.S. — has frequently been accused of failing to adequately monitor and report suspicious orders of prescription…
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